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Sunflower Apothecary

 Lavender Aura Spray

Lavender Aura Spray

To cleanse, soothe and align the body, 

mind and spirit.     

Contains a blend of 

Lavender aromatic water, Lavender essential oil,

Soya lecithins in alcohol.

Price 50mls


The Lavender Aura Spray is very safe and may be used by anyone including children and animals, to bring instant changes to the energy field.

The Spray may be used as an aid to promote sleep using as directed below or by misting above the pillows.

For minor abrasions, cuts and burns the Lavender Aura Spray used as a first aid measure will sooth the injury and act as an antiseptic.

Using the Spray will help release negative and cluttered thoughts, allowing space for clear thinking and a peaceful mind.

To bring balance and alignment to a room, spray two or three times. Use in offices, sick rooms, living areas and many more, to leave the beautiful scent of Lavender within the room.

Directions for use

* Shake well before use.

* Spray twice into the space before you and walk into the mist.

* For external use only.

* Avoid contact with polished surfaces.

* Store in a cool, dark place.