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Sunflower Apothecary

Welcome to Sunflower Apothecary

How it all started

Sunflower Apothecary was established in 1997 as a tribute to Susan Etherington. Susan was an Aromatherapist and Reiki Practitioner, dedicated to the Light, who began making a range of holistic creams and oils, which she received in meditation. She made these healing gifts for her friends, therapists and clients.

Following Susan's sudden death, Sonia Canning, with the help of Dorothy Priestley, stepped forward to continue her dear friend's work, choosing the name “Sunflower Apothecary” as sunflowers were Susan's favourite flower. Blue glass jars and bottles with gold labels were chosen to complete the Sunflower image, and Sunflower Apothecary was born.

Susan's Light energy continues to influence the growth of the Sunflower Apothecary.

Susan Etherington

Sunflower Apothecary is a " not for profit " body and a project, along with the Hope Centre Halifax , within the Light of Hope .

With the march of time other products were introduced to the Sunflower Range including room essences, crystal charged tinctures, a pregnancy range and products for use during terminal illness and transition.

Sonia and Dorothy were aware of the difference these holistic creams and oils made to many lives and they wished that many more lives could be touched by these preparations.

They established a range of leaflets with written explanations of how to use these simple but effective creams and oils.

They began exhibiting at The Mind Body and Spirit Festival in Manchester and Shibden Hall Craft Fair in Halifax.

Sonia Canning and Dorothy Priestley at Manchester

These products will aid all who lift the lid and inhale the aromas when used for self help. Sonia and Dorothy trained therapists in the use of the products for reflexology, massage and other therapies.

Sonia and Dorothy retired at the close of 2015 and handed over the energy and the management of Sunflower Apothecary to Anna Rewilak and John Astbury who accepted this opportunity in January 2016.

Anna Rewilak

John Astbury

Anna and John wish to expand the Sunflower Apothecary by disseminating the Sunflower Apothecary information and products even further to include web sales, retail outlets, therapy centres. Also to hospitals and GP surgeries sympathetic to the betterment of holistic well-being. They hope to expand their range of products to include room sprays, shampoos, conditioners, bath gels and to bring together the many leaflets describing Sunflower Apothecary products into a booklet.

Sonia still helps in the apothecary room with the preparation of the holistic creams and oils. Dorothy has also offered to assist with her expertise and experience. It seems they cannot fully retire at the tender ages

of 76 and 77!

The Sunflower products were and still are made using volunteer helpers who are trained in the preparation methods. The products are made using only the finest quality ingredients in an environment which is imbued with as high an energy as possible. Before beginning any make the room is aligned to Light. The dedicated workers then meditate, so that only the purest vibration possible may enter the Sunflower Apothecary products being made.

August 2016

The Sunflower products

Our range includes Sunflower Apothecary Creams and Oils using pure base cream and oil blended with the highest quality aromatherapy oils to bring healing, support, relief, positivity and joy to all. Our Gem Healers and Gem Remedies are charged with the beauty of crystals and offer great opportunity to heal the auric / energy field and physical body. Our Sweet Essences bring healing to you and your environment with a range of specially blended oils in essence form to vaporize - a gift for each season to help you with the natural flow of life in balance and harmony with nature. Finally, our Heart of Light - a true gift from the Light - bringing inner peace, love and harmony to you. A gift to bring peace and hope amidst the chaos we find ourselves in.

We are delighted to bring you our range of healing products and hope you enjoy using them and reaping the healing benefits they bring.

We believe the range is a gift from Light at a time of great need for us all. We have received much positive feedback from our many users and wish now to share the range with a wider audience.

We would be delighted to receive any enquires or comments you have. Please contact us.


Gem Remedies

   Sweet Essence Oils