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Sunflower Apothecary

The Heart of Light

These uniquely programmed rose crystal hearts have been given to us as a gift from the Light to promote widespread peace and healing. The Sunflower Apothecary has been blessed with this gift from the Light to pass on to others, Please treat your Heart of Light with great care and respect - it is a powerful healing tool.

The crystal heart is charged to hold a particular focus of energy, for example, this rose quartz Heart of Light is

programmed to bring its recipient the gift of unconditional love.

Once held in the palm of the right hand by the recipient, the crystal Heart of Light will ignite to their personal touch and use.

We respectfully remind you to cleanse and care for your Heart of Light regularly.

The Heart of Light

* Individually programmed and charged with the light of unconditional love.

* Brings the flow of light and love to the life of the recipient.

* Will encourage peace and personal healing.

* Will help open the heart chakra - Gateway to the Light.

* Will strengthen heart connection to the Higher Self.

Directions for use

1 . Ignite your Heart of Light for your personal use (see below).

2. You may wear The Heart of Light about your person in a pocket or in a pouch pinned to your clothing.

3. The Heart of Light may be placed beneath the pillow to promote peace, positivity and connection

to the Higher Self during sleep.

Meditation - 10 to 20 minutes

* Hold The Heart of Light to the right palm and slowly breathe the rose pink light from the crystal through the

body until the body is filled with rose pink light.

* Breath with the rose pink light and feel peace flowing through and around you.

Feel yourself wrapped in a bubble of pink light.

* Be of peace. Rest in this Light.

* Breath gradually back to an awareness of physical calm.

* Seal your body and energy field in a bubble of blue light to strengthen and protect you.

* Flow in peace from your heart to all.

Meditation - 20 to 30 minutes

* Be of peace.

* Rest - lie on a bed.

* Place The Heart of Light to the heart chakra (centre of chest).

* Breath and focus on the rose pink light flowing from the crystal - feel it filling your heart and flowing in, through and around your body.

* Allow yourself to become filled and enveloped with this rose pink light.

* Know that The Heart of Light opens the heart chakra and promotes connection to the higher self. With the heart open and flowing you

will fulfil the greatest peace, positivity and joy all your life.

* Feel the heart chakra healing, aligning and opening to the Light and be of peace.

* After 20-30 minutes remove the crystal heart.

* Bathe for half an hour following this meditation and rest.

* Place The heart of light in water for cleansing (3 hours).

Igniting Your Heart of Light

NEVER let anyone else touch or use your personal Heart of Light.

It is programmed with care and will ignite to your own personal

touch and use. If others touch the crystal, their energy imprint

will affect the programming. If this inadvertently occurs, place the

crystal in a bowl of water for 24 hours and hold in your right palm for

5-10 minutes to re- ignite the crystal to your own energy


Heart of Light £9.00

Care and Cleansing

* Cleanse The Heart of Light each day in cold water and pat dry.

* If you meditate with The Rose Heart of Light placed on your heart

chakra, please place The Heart of Light in a bowl of cold water for

a minimum of three hours following meditation.