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Sunflower Apothecary

Crystal Light Gem Remedies

Crystal Light Gem Remedies are a method of pure vibrational healing to release energy blocks in the body and the auric / human energy field.

Dis-ease in life creates blocked energy. Crystal Light Gem Remedies vibrate in harmony with the chakras, assisting each

vortex of energy to flow in harmony, thus enhancing its function.

All our eight Gem Remedies are simple and easy to use and supplied in 30ml dropper bottles.

All our eight Gem Remedies are simple and easy to use and supplied in 30ml dropper bottles.


Resonates to the Base Chakra. To release the trauma of abuse, lack of self-worth, emotional holdings

and addiction. Will create flow to life and heighten physical energy.


Resonates to the Sacral Chakra. To release feelings of being dis-empowered. To connect to the purpose

of life and empower that connection to flow to all life.


Resonates to the Solar Plexus. To release emotional pain, loss, sadness, grief, anger, jealousy etc.

To promote emotional balance, harmony and well-being.


Resonates to the Heart Chakra. To release armouring to the heart. To bring peace and healing to the

key Chakra to flow and promote unconditional love.


Resonates to the Throat Chakra. To release emotional blocks held in the throat, to empower the flow

of life through communication.


Resonates to the Third Eye Chakra. To release to the gateway of intuition to promote clear seeing.


Resonates to the Crown Chakra. To release blocks of mental torment and promote greater alignment

of energy to the body.


Resonates to the Soul Connection. To release blocks to promote the flow of light to the four lower bodies.

To connect to the higher self.

Directions for use

* Up to four remedies may be used in conjunction with each other.

* Four drops of any Gem Remedy may be added to 15 ml of spring water and taken orally (minimum) four times a day.

The diluted tincture may be added to the bath (vibrational healing) or applied directly to the chakra for 24 hours in extreme cases.

* Crystal Light Gem Remedies may be combined individually with up to four Bach Flower Remedies. Add four drops of Gem Remedy

to 15mls spring water and add in our own Crystal Light Gem Healers or Bach Flower Remedies as per their individual instructions.

* We respectfully suggest that clients concentrate on the healing properties of the Gem Remedies Numbers 1 - 4 as in most cases

cleansing these chakras is more appropriate to begin effective healing.

Please consult your Hope Centre Healing Clinic Therapist for individual healing queries.

Crystal Light Gem Healers

Crystal Light Gem Healers are a group of ten healing energy remedies to deal with aspects of physical, emotional and mental difficulties - as specified by their titles.

Arthritis            Congestion          Digestion             Emotions         Grief                 Migraine                Purification         Skin                  Stress              Tiredness

The Crystal Light Gem Healers are to be used in the same way as our Crystal Light Gem Remedies and may be used

in conjunction with them and with Bach Flower Remedies of high vibrational quality.


Drops must be taken regularly to effect relief. They can be taken orally and also used over the areas of pain; place the drops to the palms of the hands and rub together, then hold the palms over the area of the pain ( 2 inches from the skin).

This condition is also eased by use of creams and oils from our range.


Helps to heal all aspects of congestion, i.e. blocked sinuses (sinus difficulties to eyes and ears), colds, influenza and the throat.

This will help to lift viral infections and also feelings of debilitation.


To aid all aspects of the digestive system. It also helps to heal all flow to the body: blood, vascular, heart, etc.

The remedy works in a gentle way and should be taken for a minimum of 2 months, although it starts to have effect

immediately it comes into contact with the energy field and physical body.


Will help to bring balance to the emotions and gently soothe. The remedy helps to heal, rather than subdue and aids the

release of held emotions such as anger or sadness.


Use immediately when a situation arises which causes grief and in conjunction with our creams and oils.

Take orally for a period of time - not just a "quick fix". It is essential to deal with all aspects of grief.


Apply drops to the palms and hold 2 inches above the body - first to the top of the head / skull and then at each side of the head.

This method used in conjunction with taking the remedy orally, will help the symptoms to subside gradually.

Frequent application may be necessary.


Aids cleansing of bodily systems and the energy field.

Purification will assist healing at whatever level is personally required. A willingness to be healed is of paramount importance.

You will aid change gradually, to that which you are willing to change. The effects are gentle and not traumatising, as all our remedies act at a subtle level. Take it, and gradually you will be aware of the changes in your life, health and lifestyle.


To aid healing of eruptions of the skin, spots and sore patches.

Burns are aided by the use of this remedy. Simply take the remedy by mouth or place the drops to the palms of the hands and gently rub together, then hold the palms over the area of the burn ( approximately 2 inches from the skin). Using both of these methods together will be of great benefit and both should be used rather than only one method.

Eczema and skin problems of an emotional source and nervous condition may be helped by the use of Skin, as would psoriasis,

birthmarks, including "stork marks", may be ameliorated by its use.


Helps the individual to address whatever is causing them stress. It gently lifts the feelings associated with this condition

and enables the individual to be aware of that which must be changed.


There are many types of tiredness - physical, emotional and mental. All aspects must be addressed at all levels.

Plan times of rest into the day. Allow for recuperation and the action of Tiredness to do its healing work.

Directions for use

* Add four drops of Gem Healer to 30mls of spring water (preferably

in a treatment bottle with pipette - available from The Sunflower

Apothecary or most Chemists).

* Take orally, either by :

adding four drops from the diluted remedy to a glass of spring

water to drink or sip as required.


place four drops of diluted remedy onto the tongue taking care not

to touch the pipette in any way with the mouth or fingers.

* Some remedies may recommend you apply the diluted remedy to

an affected area of the body. Do this by placing the drops

to the palms of the hands and gently rub together. Then, hold the

palms over the area of the pain / irritation

(approximately 2 inches from the skin) for 1 - 2 minutes.

Crystal Light Gem Remedies and Crystal Light Gem Healers £9.50 each.